We are ready to help you streamline your product development. With more than a decade of industry experience, we can show you ways to build products that best suit your customers' needs. No matter whether you want to write a book, release software, deploy an app or website, or build a car—the underlying principles are always the same.



We will coach you to use the right tools for planning your project, managing your work, organizing meetings, tracking changes, and setting up chats or video conferences.

Project Management

We will help you to create a project plan and split up the work-load into easily manageable steps.

Moderation Techniques

Facilitation of a discussion, meeting, or conference, techniques for conflict resolution and equal share of input, and methods like mob programming to work together on one screen.

Meeting Organization

Setting up online appointments, writing invitations, opening meetings, taking breaks, closing meetings, and asking for feedback. A good meeting starts with its announcement. Let us teach you techniques to reach the goal of your meeting, help you to prepare it, and give you advice how to gather feedback for improvement.

Market research

Let us take a look at the competition and your target audience to find a niche for your idea. Also, find the right bundling, size, and pricing of your product.

Brainstorm ideas

Let us organize your ideas and organize them to find out your product's or book's core message.

Process Visualization

Based on interviews, we create a visual diagram of your organization's, team's, or individual work process. This is essential for optimizing your work time and gain focus on the goal.

Process Optimization

Using the results of your processes, we use our decade-long experience to optimize your work-flow, both your individual daily routines as well as your team's or organization's processes.

Project Management Theory

Using proven teaching methods, we train you in using different project management methods as tools, depending on the situation.

Lean Management

For projects with unsure goals or new technology, using ideas from lean management, extreme programming, agile project management, and scrum, we train you to reduce waste and increase client satisfaction.

Scaled Agile

If your project is larger, we can support you to either adapt agile methods and processes to your organization's structure, or to simplify your organization to focus on independent, agile teams.

How do we work?

Too many projects are driven only by their creator's inner motivation, only to be disappointed at the end that they either cannot finish the project or that it does not find an audience.  We can support you to include planning and your audience's perspective into your creative process from the start. Structuring your enterprise will keep you motivated as you see results with each step as opposed to only at the very end. Like a road sweeper would focus on the next part of the street instead of imagining the entire length of the street, you should aim for producing a presentable result in your next step instead of planning (and possibly never finishing) a huge undertaking. In case you already have a fully developed idea or even manuscript, my team and I can help you with editing and provide technical support to publish your project in various formats. In addition, we also offer vocal coaching, video coaching, and training how to speak publicly.

If you are instead just starting out or want to improve your existing processes, the four services we provice can be seen as four phases of product development. First, you need to the tools and organization to meet with your team and work collaboratively. But even if you are working alone, it is still useful to have a place to organize your roadmap and upcoming tasks. Next, you need to actually put together your ideas and conduct market research. What need will your product fulfill? What is your target audience? How can you get feedback for your ideas? Once that is organized, we need to visualize at how you usually organize yourself or the team. If you are working in a larger company, that might be a complex organizational chart or process diagram. If you are working alone, it is worthwhile to look at your weekly organization and work patterns. Finally, with ideas from lean management (agile coaching), we can focus your daily work or production process of your team and company to reduce waste.

To determine what services fit your situation, the following steps have shown to work:

Step 1: Request

  • Send us a message or e-mail with your request for product development.
  • If applicable, attach or link to a sample or full version of your product ideas, org chart, or process diagram.
  • Add any detailed information about the request.

The second step is an interview with you. Based on our evaluation of the sample and our chat, we will propose different stages to coach you to get your project started.

Step 2: Interview

  • We will contact you with a date for an initial meeting (text chat).
  • In preparation, please provide us with the entire original notes as an attachment or link.
  • In the chat, we will clarify our process and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will send you a summary of what the work will entail and how long we estimate we need for delivery.

Depending on the agreed project plan, we will work iteratively through several steps in order for you to review each step of the way. For coaching services, we will have a separate video chat to plan how we want to work together and to set up meeting dates. Ideally, we meet up weekly to discuss the progress and work in your feedback.

Final Step: Delivery

  • We will deliver the final documents as specified and possibly instructions of how to publish them on certain platforms using your own account.
  • We offer an online meeting (at no charge) to answer any questions.
  • If applicable, we can also provide suggestions for further improvements where we can help.

In terms of payment, different services are priced differently. For better flexibility, we offer payment plans per iteration. This way, you are in full control of the costs with minimal risks. Our core concept is to stay in constant contact throughout the project so you are always up to date with the progress.

Interested? Check out which services we provide in detail below.

Our Services

Agile Coaching

Hire us to teach you to work iteratively and collaboratively

Agile coaching is about learning to cut wasteful loops in your processes. Cut the middleman, connect people with each other, and build trust with your clients by getting feedback as often as possible.


Process Modeling

Need a new view on your business?

Through interviews, we visualize your existing work processes and optimize it for better throughput and less waste using lean and agile principles.



I want to write a book, but how do I begin?

The best time to get a coach on board is at the beginning after you have decided for your initial idea and gathered some experience writing a few chapters.



Discover useful techniques to organize your daily work, meetings, and goals

A good meeting starts with its announcement. Let us teach you techniques to reach the goal of your meeting, help you to prepare it, and give you advice how to gather feedback for improvement.


Related Books

Kanban Remastered

Kanban Remastered

Agile Lessons from Strategy Games - 8 essays on comparing Kanban with StarCraft.

With Kanban Remastered, being an Agile coach, I realized that especially in industries with teams with a gaming background, coaching lessons could benefit if I could show the relationship between games and Agile methodology. Likewise, you can start explaining management methodology in a language that your tech-savvy audience understands.

Scrum Your JIRA!

Scrum Your JIRA!

Your Waterfall Organization Transformed Into Agile Multidisciplinary Teams - 10 Essays on Using Online Tools to Improve an Offline Technique

This book challenges two illusions that can get in the way of your company’s road to being genuinely Agile: first, that your Scrum is “special,” and second, that you can hide behind project management software. JIRA is powerful—and this book will show you how to use it more effectively—but it makes it easy to forget that the first idea of Agile is: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way

Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way

Streamline Your Writing Process and Connect with Readers from Day One. Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon, Google, and Leanpub.

Streamline your writing process with LaTeX and connect with Readers from Day One. Self-Publish your book on Amazon, Google, and Leanpub. Here you can find all tools you need to publish your book professionally online or in print with LaTeX. Learn to complete your book project in small steps—the Agile Way. Better Books with LaTeX the Agile Way covers the entire publishing process from your initial concept to marketing your book on Amazon, Google, or Leanpub. The focus of this book is to organize your book’s ideas, chapters, files, images, and formatting, as well as to guide you through the process of uploading your book to a publisher.


Related Topics


"Agile" is a way of working together as a team.

Agile is about courage, trust, and discipline. This approach replaces status meetings with time working together. The focus of an agile team is people, results, collaboration, and flexibility over processes, contracts, documentation, or plans.



Management is the art of coordinating people who do not work together.

Management is the art of coordinating people who do not work together on a daily basis. While working collaboratively is preferred, using management is sometimes inevitable. Here, I will talk about tools and techniques to improve your management style.



The preparation of your meetings can make or break your project.

While working collaboratively on the same tasks is best, meetings cannot be avoided. In this space, we gather tips and tricks on the topic.


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