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Clemens Lode

Clemens Lode

I am the CEO, designer and author at Clemens Lode Verlag e.K. (LODE Publishing), I also work in Düsseldorf, Germany, as a software architect for medical server solutions. I have studied computer science at the University Karlsruhe, Germany, co-authoring two papers while working as a scientist. My main interests are philosophy, psychology, physics, language, evolution, entrepreneurship, and writing. My MBTI personality type is ENFP, my sociotype is IEE. I advocate ideals, and I have learned to lead and be proactive – but my mission in life remains in helping others onto their feet so that they can be an example for others. The world will change when we change ourselves 🙂

Favorite quotations

“I believe in no God, no invisible man in the sky. But there is something more powerful in each of us, a combination of our efforts, a great chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interests that the chain pulls society in the right direction. The chain is too powerful and too mysterious for any government to guide. Any man who tells you differently either has his hand in your pocket or a pistol to your neck.”

Andrew Ryan, “Bioshock”

“If you give me the right man in any field I can talk to him. I know what the condition is: That he did whatever he did as far as he can go.That he studied every aspect of it as far as he has stretched himself to the end. He is not a dilletant in any way.

[…] And, therefore, he is up against mysteries all the way around the end. And awe. Mystery and awe, that’s what we have in common.”Richard Feynman

“- How many people read my last picture? Do you remember those figures?
– Seventy-five million, six hundred thousand, three hundred and twelve.
– Well, Mick, seventy-five million, six hundred thousand people hate me. They hate me in their hearts for the things they see in me, the things they have betrayed. I mean nothing to them, except a reproach. But there are three hundred and twelve others perhaps only the twelve. There are a few who want the highest possible and will take nothing less and will not live on any other terms. It is with them that I am signing a contract tomorrow. We can’t give up the earth to all those others.”

Ayn Rand, “Ideal”

Diana Davison--host of the video.

Cult Wars: Teal Swan VS Stefan Molyneux

Teal and Stefan have both been accused of running cults and not just by outside observers but by people who have defected from their “inner circles”. Subscribe to my channel ...
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Group of Mespotamian hunter-gatherers with label "Alpha," and Egyptian statue with label "Beta."

Expat: Socionics and History

In a special live event, Expat will be providing an analysis of historical events through the prism of socionics. In particular, he will look at the socionics theory of quadra progression as ...
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John H Conway.

Inventing the Game of Life – Numberphile

John H Conway on the creation of his Game of Life. Subscribe to my channel ...
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Four wolves in the snow.

How Wolves Change Rivers

NOTE: There are "elk" pictured in this video when the narrator is referring to "deer." This is because the narrator is British and the British word for "elk" is "red deer" or ...
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Older gentleman laughing: Sir Nicholas Winton.

60 Minutes: Sir Nicholas Winton “Saving the Children”

Discover the inspiring true story of Sir Nicholas Winton in the award-winning film "Nicky's Family." Subscribe to my channel ...
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Richard Feynman.

Feynman: Knowing versus Understanding

Richard Feynman on the differences of merely knowing how to reason mathematically and understanding how and why things are physically analyzed in the way they are. Subscribe to my channel ...
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Child in car giving "the finger."


Great TV ad banned for television! Subscribe to my channel ...
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Drawing of a woman, image of knitted item next to strand of DNA

The Unexpected Effects of Knitting

Knitting is making a comeback and the benefits might just surprise you. Subscribe to my channel ...
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