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Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

You ask me if an ordinary person could ever get to be able to imagine these things like I imagine them. Of course! I was an ordinary person who studied hard. There ...
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Richard Feynman.

Feynman: Mirrors FUN TO IMAGINE 6

Richard Feynman amuses himself with an old puzzle - why do mirrors seem to switch left and right, but not top and bottom? Subscribe to my channel ...
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Man looks into the universe

The Universe

The Big Bang Every day beautiful and miraculous objects suddenly appear, from snowflakes on a cold winter morning to vibrant rainbows after a late-afternoon summer shower. Yet no one but the most ...
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Man walks by woman passed out on steps.


An interesting look at the Bystander Effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSsPfbup0ac Subscribe to my channel ...
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Gary Cohen--man in suit and tie speaking on leadership.

Qualities of an Effective Leader

What makes someone an effective and strong leader? Is this a skill that can be acquired? These are questions that are often asked about leadership. There are varying perspectives on leadership at ...
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Evolution of the Theory of Evolution

It makes one wonder what the evolutionary tree of this idea [the theory of evolution] would look like, were it an organism that could be mapped out by fossil record rather than ...
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In Scrum, Ownership Matters

This is an excerpt from Scrum Your Jira!  Get a copy from Amazon.com or Amazon.de. Moving from “Command and Control” to “Innovative Agile Management” “Ownership” describes how a knowledge worker needs to be part of the ...
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Scrum and Jira: A Love-Hate Relationship

This is an excerpt from Scrum Your Jira!  Get a copy from Amazon.com or Amazon.de. Steps to Bring Your Agile Project Back on Track The ideal way to use Scrum is to have the whole team ...
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