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Submit your Word, text, or LaTeX project, and we'll expertly convert it into a polished book, available in both EPUB/KPF (compatible with Amazon Kindle) and PDF (tailored for softcover and hardcover print). The project is yours, we'll provide you with all the enhanced project files through an Overleaf project for further editing.

Sample Chapters at No Risk: Get a preview of your transformed book with complimentary sample chapters for free.

Optional Enhancement Suggestions: We offer tailored recommendations to further elevate your project. This may include adjustments to images, tables, chapter formatting, bibliography, and compliance with legal requirements. We also offer comprehensive editing services to ensure your content is impeccable.

100+ Happy Customers: Weeks of work saved using our Word / Text / LaTeX to eBook&PDF conversion services. Profit from future updates, the template is constantly updated. Join our free newsletter for free tips on marketing, publishing, and AI for continuous improvement.


You have a large Word or text file or large LaTeX project and
- you are struggling with book formatting and are confused about book structure,
- the page formatting is inconsistent,
- you are wasting time managing different formats (PDF, epub, etc.) and synchronizing changes,
- you lack up-to-date knowledge about advanced AI tools,
- you are unsure about the legal situation, and/or
- you do not want to spend time with accounting and paperwork‍

Our Solution (free!)

- Flexible LaTeX template for different page sizes and page count
- Automated EPUB (for KPF), HTML, and PDF output
- Pre-defined structure suited for fiction and non-fiction works
- Consistent page layout design
- Templates for multiple formats
- Easy-to-update template sections

Link to the Template
Example Output File (PDF)

Example Project (epub download)

Further Help (hourly rates)

- Full publication service on Leanpub, Google, and Amazon
- Creating compelling Amazon/Leanpub descriptions to attract readers
- 1:1 coaching
- Handling all paperwork and publishing steps
- Personalized assistance in applying the template to your manuscript
- Tailoring the book structure to your content and genre
- Support in fine-tuning page layouts and styles
- Formatting the cover to meet platform specifications
- Ongoing maintenance and updates to your book as needed

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If you are happy with the samples and decide to work with us, the base price is 80 EUR (+VAT if applicable) for the basic transformation without formatting. For advanced graphical or formatting features, we offer a hourly plan.

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