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About Writing Better Books, the Agile Way

The craft of writing and marketing a book has changed significantly over the past 10 years. It is no longer enough to just write a good book; you have to write for a specific audience and connect to your readers long before the book hits the shelves. Releasing part of your work early allows you to make adjustments to your book—or even discard your project to invest your time instead into a better book idea.

Using modern project management methods, you can organize your work into individual steps (“user stories”), and re-use them to market your book. Organizing the book properly into logical sections helps you to create preview materials for blog posts or newsletters. In addition, this will ensure that you make steady progress with your book, avoid getting lost in the details and achieve high quality consistently throughout your book.

About: Better Books with LaTeX

Are you a first-time author with a complete manuscript that you are ready to publish? It’s not enough to just “have a friend look it over”—unless your friend has already published a book of his or her own. You need advice for final polishing, the front and back covers, and marketing. You may even want to work with an editor, but don’t know where to begin.

Or do you write novels in Word but now want to write a professional non-fiction book? Are you looking for a better way to choose the subject of your next book? Do you want to improve the way you work with your editor?

Perhaps you are a professional editor seeking to expand your services from merely editing Word files to helping releasing books online. Are you also looking for better project management techniques to guide your clients along the way? Are you spending a lot of time indexing or managing bibliographical references?

You may already be a LaTeX expert who wants to publish your work as an ebook. Are you planning a series and need to reuse text blocks? Are you looking for ways to share your work and collaborate with others? Are you looking for support to help you with diagrams and graphics?

Or are you already a professional self-publisher who is looking for ideas to improve your existing documents and processes, especially by connecting to your readers before a book launch?

Do you plan to establish yourself as an expert in your profession by complementing your portfolio with a professional book?

Easy to Read

No prior knowledge is required, each section builds upon the previous one.

Starts with the Basics

Teaches you the advantages of using LaTeX instead of Word and the basics of LaTeX to get you started to make small adjustments to the template.


Screenshots and a step-by-step guide lead you from your text file to a finished book in your hands.

Working as a Team

Explains how working with an editor can save you time and money.

Organizing Ideas

Teaches you methods to organize your ideas and not get lost into details so that you can write a comprehensive but to-the-point book.

Free Template

Step by step guide with a complete premium book template. No programming needed, just copy and paste your text.

Agile Writing

Learn to do book marketing research, get early feedback by readers, split your book into individual stories, and run ads directly targeting your readers.

Mail Support

Have a question on a particular topic of the book? Write us and we will help you to understand the point better. Your feedback is welcome to improve the book and help others to understand it better as well!

Questions and Answers

Sections are introduced with a question and summarized in a final info box. This way, you cannot miss the important points of a section even when skipping pages. Feel welcome to discuss the questions in our forum with other readers!