Is your book ready for your ideal audience? Let us help you add the finishing touches with expert proofreading, consistency checking, copy editing, and/or developmental editing. If you are just starting out and need support organizing your ideas for your book, we recommend author coaching. If you already have a manuscript, read on for how we can create a project plan to get your book to the finish line.

How do we work?

Let us help you add the finishing touches to your book with proofreading, consistency checking, copy editing, and / or developmental editing. If you are just starting out and need support organizing your ideas to create a roadmap for your book, we recommend a brainstorming session. If you already have a manuscript, the four services we provide correspond to the four phases of editing a manuscript. With developmental editing, we review and organize the entire book. Once the general structure of the manuscript is decided upon, we will re-check the logical consistency of the paragraphs (copy editing), as well as the consistency of diagrams, graphics, references, and indexes (consistency checking). Finally, proofreading ensures that no errors are missed. With our publishing services, the product can then be made ready for release or turned into a presentation.

To save time and for you to track our changes, we might propose converting your document into a different format. For more information about input and output formats, check our publishing project. There, we offer conversions from a variety of formats to LaTeX, Google Docs, or Word, all platforms that support tracking of changes which you can accept or reject.


Interactive Editing

We discuss parts of the text together in a chat. This way, you get direct feedback and learn to improve your writing as we proceed.

Outline and Structure

We can teach you how to turn disconnected ideas into a story.

Develop Style

Based on your outline, let us discuss the general tone, style, and plot of your book.

Chapter Organization

We will reorder your chapters to better reflect your's book's story.

Section and Paragraph Organization

To ensure the logical flow within a chapter, we might have to reorder the sequence of sections and paragraphs.

Improve Paragraphs

Reordering the sentences within a paragraph helps to ensure a clear reading flow for the reader. Each paragraph is like a part of music, it needs to fit with the rest.

Diagrams and Graphics

We will check the contents of graphics and diagrams to be consistent with the rest of the text and adapt them accordingly.


Checking details, such as referencing, indexing, the table of contents, graphs, and word consistency.

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

Checking for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and errors in diagrams and graphs.

* Prices do not include VAT taxes. VAT can apply if you are asking for services as a private person as opposed to a business entity. Rates may vary (usually, it is around 20%) depending on where you live. We will inform you about the details during or after the initial interview.

Our Services

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Our Developmental Editing Services

A thorough critique of your book before it's published

With LODE, put your best book forward. Our developmental edit provides you with an in-depth assessment and overhaul of your entire manuscript.

A woman sits at her desk and writes something on paper.

Our Copy Editing Services

Your writing deserves careful, professional editing

Let us help you ensure your manuscript easily flows from one paragraph to the next, while remaining consistent and maintaining your voice and style.

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Our Consistency Checking Services

Every page of your book should be totally error-free

This facet of editing ensures that your manuscript has been "double-checked" to make sure that details are accurate and consistent throughout the book.

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Our Proofreading Services

Professional Proofreading to Make Your Book Flawless

Our proofreaders will skillfully correct spelling, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and formatting issues. Don't leave your book's success to chance!


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