We can support your project from concept to publication. Depending on the current state of your manuscript, video, website, or social media profiles, we offer services to edit or convert your existing materials and publish them on various platforms (print, online, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) in the required formats, image size, video encoding, or text length.


Free initial assessment


Making it easy to consume
Free initial assessment


Turn the script into a website
Free initial assessment

Social Media

Convert to social media posts.

Document Conversion

We can convert your LaTeX document into HTML, MOBI, XCF, EPUB, PDF, your text or Word document to LaTeX.

Ready for Print

Checking page size, image resolution, colors, page count, fonts, and lines to make sure your manuscript will print without issues.

Create Graphics

We offer a service to create icons, thumbnails, covers, logos, and ad images.

Image Optimization

We analyze your images if they are ready for printing, video, websites, or social media.


Improving formatting in your manuscript for better readability and printability.

How do we work?

Our publishing services are designed for completed manuscripts that are ready to be published. If you are just starting out and need support organizing your ideas to create a road map for your book, we have services available to organize your ideas. For actually putting your content online or into print, we can help you to set up your own author website or publishing account. Please note, though, that for an actual marketing plan, it is best to begin the process when you are starting out with the idea, not at the end when you have the finished product. While we can still help you to adapt your product to the market, it is best to orient your product idea rather than the product to the market. If your core material still needs development, check out our editing services. If you are still trying to present your ideas to an audience, we can help you to provide better presentations, too. If you already have a fully edited manuscript, the first step is always to review it:

Step 1: Request

  • Send us a message or e-mail with your request for publishing.
  • Specify the number of pages and format of your project and how you want it to be published (soft cover book, hard cover book, e-book, video, website, social media, etc.).
  • Attach or link to a sample or full version of your manuscript.
  • Let us know in what format you have the original text (e.g., Word, TXT, Google Docs, etc.).
  • Add any detailed information about the request.

The second step is an interview with you. Based on our evaluation of the sample text and our chat, we will propose different stages to publish your text to the public.

Step 2: Interview

  • We will contact you with a date for an initial meeting (text chat) and estimate how much work we estimate the publishing process will entail.
  • In preparation, please provide us with the entire original text as an attachment or link.
  • Depending on the release, we also need access to image and video material (ideally, in high resolution) you want to use for publishing.
  • Optionally, we also offer cover design and thumbnail creation services.
  • In the chat, we will clarify our process and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will send you a summary of what the work will entail and how long we estimate we need for delivery.

Depending on the agreed project plan, we will work iteratively through several steps in order for you to review any changes we made to the original. This is essential as different publishing platforms require different formatting and your original manuscript might lack certain information necessary for publishing. Ideally, we meet up weekly to discuss the progress and work in your feedback.

Final Step: Delivery

  • We will deliver the final documents as specified and possibly instructions of how to publish them on certain platforms using your own account.
  • We offer an online meeting (at no charge) to answer any questions.
  • If applicable, we can also provide suggestions for further improvements where we can help.

In terms of payment, different services are priced differently. For better flexibility, we offer payment plans per iteration. This way, you are in full control of the costs with minimal risks. Our core concept is to stay in constant contact throughout the project so you are always up to date with the progress.

Interested? Check out which services we provide in detail below.

Our Services

Book Publishing

We can publish your book on Amazon, Google, and Leanpub.

We can take your Word file, HTML document, LaTeX document, Google Doc, or (with some editing) even your text document and publish it as softcover, hardcover, or ebook.



Videos to deliver your message for your marketing

We take your ideas and turn them into videos to be shared online for marketing your products and services. We also do educational videos to explain complex concepts.



Turn your manuscript into a fully working website

An online presence helps you to sell your book or course. Our editors can take your text and adapt it to fit it for browsers on a PC or smartphone.


Social Media

Have us create posts for social media

Turn your ideas into tidbits on social media. We provide editing and writing services and help you with setting up the connections and integrating social media with your books, videos, and websites.


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Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way

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Web Design is about creating your personal space.

Web Design is about creating your personal space. Stand out amongst the many social media profiles. Bring your content, we organize them into an optimized landing page.



"Agile" is a way of working together as a team.

Agile is about courage, trust, and discipline. This approach replaces status meetings with time working together. The focus of an agile team is people, results, collaboration, and flexibility over processes, contracts, documentation, or plans.


Book Publishing

Book publishing means finding the right audience

Book publishing has changed from a form of communication to a marketing tool. All knowledge is easily available, the challenge is finding and writing for the right audience.



Editing is the art of adding consistency and linearity to a text.

Editing is the art of adding consistency and linearity to the written word.



Marketing is about understanding your customers' needs.

Marketing is about understanding your customers' needs. Learn what they want to know and at which places you can meet them. Create products that fit exactly what they want instead of a one-size-fits-all.


Video Editing

Video editing is story-telling.

Reducing video editing to bringing all media together is like saying that writing a book is about bookbinding. Video editing is story-telling. Look at your work with the eyes of your audience.



Management is the art of coordinating people who do not work together.

Management is the art of coordinating people who do not work together on a daily basis. While working collaboratively is preferred, using management is sometimes inevitable. Here, I will talk about tools and techniques to improve your management style.


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