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Agile coaching is about learning to cut wasteful loops in your processes. Cut the middleman, connect people with each other, and build trust with your clients by getting feedback as often as possible.

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Agile Coaching



We will coach you to use the right tools for planning your project, managing your work, organizing meetings, tracking changes, and setting up chats or video conferences.

Project Management

We will help you to create a project plan and split up the work-load into easily manageable steps.

Moderation Techniques

Facilitation of a discussion, meeting, or conference, techniques for conflict resolution and equal share of input, and methods like mob programming to work together on one screen.

Meeting Organization

Setting up online appointments, writing invitations, opening meetings, taking breaks, closing meetings, and asking for feedback. A good meeting starts with its announcement. Let us teach you techniques to reach the goal of your meeting, help you to prepare it, and give you advice how to gather feedback for improvement.

Market research

Let us take a look at the competition and your target audience to find a niche for your idea. Also, find the right bundling, size, and pricing of your product.

Brainstorm ideas

Let us organize your ideas and organize them to find out your product's or book's core message.

Process Visualization

Based on interviews, we create a visual diagram of your organization's, team's, or individual work process. This is essential for optimizing your work time and gain focus on the goal.

Process Optimization

Using the results of your processes, we use our decade-long experience to optimize your work-flow, both your individual daily routines as well as your team's or organization's processes.

Project Management Theory

Using proven teaching methods, we train you in using different project management methods as tools, depending on the situation.

Lean Management

For projects with unsure goals or new technology, using ideas from lean management, extreme programming, agile project management, and scrum, we train you to reduce waste and increase client satisfaction.

Scaled Agile

If your project is larger, we can support you to either adapt agile methods and processes to your organization's structure, or to simplify your organization to focus on independent, agile teams.

Agile is a buzz word that encompasses everything surrounding the idea of prevention of wasteful work in the context of a dynamic work environment. Agile coaching is everything from organizing your project, your team, and your work processes, as well as having tools at hand to simplify planning and execution. At the center is gathering information about the market and technology, so whatever you do, your focus should be getting feedback from your customer (if the product works according to his or her needs) and doing regular testing to prevent any technical glitches.

At the core of agile is courage, the ability to reflect, and trust. Courage to show your work before it is fully finished, self-reflection to admit when you are wrong, and trust to reduce administration overhead when working with someone else. If you are working on your own, our coaching efforts would be more on the project and your personal work style, if you are working in a team or if your goal is to improve your organization, the focus would be more on process visualization, values, and working on the hierarchy.

- Project Management

  • Agile Transformation (build a transformation team)
  • Project Management (documenting, organizing, meetings etc.)
  • Assessement
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner

Do you trust your team?

Many consultants sell agile as a methodology that can be implemented anywhere. In reality, agile is a culture based on trust, courage, and discipline. Let me help you to evaluate if "agile" is the right approach for your team or company.

Our mission is to create a place where the team and not a complex organisation chart is the central element of your business.

Do You Trust Your Team to Do the Job?

Is Agile a Fashion Statement?

These days, switching to agile development is more a fashion statement than a seriously planned undertaking. Many consultants sell agile as a solution to all the problems of a company. Let me help you to evaluate the situation at your company and help you optimize the processes.

I have broad experience from creating start-ups working with freelancers from all over the world, to working in projects with more than 50 people at different locations. I provide on-site support and training (Europe) as well as help with management via Skype, Teams, or Webex. Usually, only a few interviews will suffice to find the core issue we need to focus on. This can give your company an impulse in the right direction, preventing you to waste months of work.

Besides consulting on project management methods, I can provide the following services:

  • Agile Coaching
  • Creating User Stories / Optimizing Backlog
  • JIRA Setup / Optimization
  • Conflict Management, Mediation, Workshops
  • Evaluation of Processes, Root Cause Analysis of Problems
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Workflow and Meeting Optimization
  • Creation of a Roadmap for Agile Transformation
  • Being a Voice of Reason – Are you sure you want to move to agile development with this particular project?


A recent study by Google showed that the best teams are those that create psychologically safe spaces, where you can openly state what is on your mind or heart. That is basically what any good manager could have told you: in the best teams, members listen to one another and show sensitivity to feelings and needs.

Life is a bit like a journey from a “madman” who thinks that he or she could be or do anything, over to someone who defines his or her limits, to ultimately fully connect to the world. If you feel the need to hide a side of you, if you are suppressing part of you, you are carrying a mask. You are putting up this business demeanor and you are trying to be both you and not you. But that trying to get rid of your ego is the biggest ego trip of them all. The idea of keeping your life (yourself) at home and solely focus on your job in the office works only when mistakes with the tasks at hand are obvious and can easily be fixed by the individual. With larger team projects, this leads to problems.

The key is to discover and openly discuss your boundaries, your wishes, dreams, and yes, vulnerabilities. To become fully yourself, you need to define your limits. You need to know what exactly you are, and what you are not. In order to define your limits, you need to know the world and how it works. You need to know how to know. That is the realm of philosophy and the topic of my book series Philosophy for Heroes.


In the business world, a quick application of these ideas is to not aim for zero mistakes, but instead have your team (and yourself) aim for 10 mistakes per week. If you (or your partner or work colleagues) make fewer mistakes than that, something must be wrong. Either you did not dare to make mistakes, or you (or your environment) are not strong or open enough to be vulnerable. Establishing such a culture of vulnerability at your company is a challenging task, I can help you along the way.


Agile methodologies provide solutions for problems you might have, but they are not a guarantee of improvement. Not every project, team, or even company can gain an advantage from being agile. My goal is the success of your project, not necessarily how this was achieved. That, after all, is the core of the agile idea.

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