• Richard Feynman.

Feynman: Knowing versus Understanding


Richard Feynman on the differences of merely knowing how to reason mathematically and understanding how and why things are physically analyzed in the way they are. Subscribe to my channel

  • Child in car giving "the finger."



Great TV ad banned for television! Subscribe to my channel

  • Presentation with "Will your new business idea succeed?" projected onto screen.

QuickMVP Demo at the NY Tech Meetup


QuickMVP is the easiest way to test your new business idea, in just five minutes. Most new businesses and startups fail because they build something no one wants. QuickMVP helps you test the real market demand for your product or service. Subscribe to my channel

  • Irena Sendler, who saved 2,500 children during the Holocaust.

The Irena Sendler Project Documentary: LIfe in a Jar


In 1999, in Uniontown Kansas, high school teacher Norm Conard and a handful of students stumbled across an unknown hero from the holocaust, Irena Sendler. A research project intended for the classroom soon sparked the interest of the world, and forever changed the lives of everyone involved. This is the Kansas side of the story. [...]

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