Conna Craig

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Conna Craig

Hello, I’m Conna Craig. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Clemens for eight years. Being thousands of miles apart, we have worked remotely the entire time.  

I’m a writer, editor, and experienced public speaker. After graduating from Harvard, I co-founded a research organization that created policy blueprints for the domestic policy councils of two White House administrations. I have edited 27 non-fiction books and have spoken before audiences totaling nearly 30,000 people. 

I live in Monterey, California, with my foster dog, Carl.

I was profiled in The Leader Within You,by Robert Danzig, as one of 34 Americans – including Nelson Rockefeller, Lee Iacocca, and Jack Welch – “who, together, define leadership.” I was awarded the first annual Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship, recognizing“extraordinary efforts by American citizens who are helping their communities solve problems the government has been unable to solve.” I have been a guest on CBS’ “48 Hours,” CBS’ “Up-to-the-Minute News,” ABC’ “C-SPAN, MS-NBC News, and CNN. 

My published works include “What I Need Is a Mom”about foster care and adoption; the article was published by Policy Review and Reader’s Digest. My research team and I wrote “The State of the Children: An Examination of Government-Run Foster Care,”published by the National Center for Policy Analysis. The report was presented at the prestigious National Press Club.

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