Neuroscience provides the foundation for understanding the mind. Knowing how the mind works helps us to see ourselves and the world more clearly. It also enables us to understand consciousness, and ultimately to build conscious machines.

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Evolution in the Head
Clemens Lode
, posted on
January 18, 2022

What is the Source of Human Creativity?

This article discusses the implications of the revolutionary theory that our brain uses evolutionary principles to come up with new creative ideas.

The Value of Language
Clemens Lode
, posted on
January 18, 2022

Has Language a Role Beyond mere Communication of Facts?

This article discusses the importance about shared experiences and how this forms the basis of the languages we speak and how we communicate with others.


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The cover of Does Your Brain Need You? - An Introduction to Neuroscience and Consciousness

Does Your Brain Need You? - An Introduction to Neuroscience and Consciousness

How to create consciousness on a computer?

This book is an introduction to neuroscience and theories of consciousness. It explores the attention schema theory and how to replicate human consciousness.
Cover of Philosophy for Heroes: Act, a book on neuroscience and consciousness

Philosophy for Heroes: Act (Neuroscience and Consciousness)

Can Consciousness be Simulated?

The book introduces you to neuroscience and the philosophical discussion on consciousness. It lays the groundwork of creating a smart computer.
The cover of the book Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum showing a ocean with a turtle and a human head.

Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum (Physics and Evolution)

How did matter and life emerge from nothingness?

What is the quantum theory and how can we interpret it? How did the universe come out of "nothingness" and how did life develop from non-living matter?

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