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June 9, 2023
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Complete Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book with Overleaf and LaTeX - 2023 Edition

If you have a book brewing inside you and want to make it a reality, one platform you might consider using is Overleaf. Now, you may ask, "Can I write a book on Overleaf?" Absolutely, yes. Overleaf, an online LaTeX editor, is a reliable and effective tool for book writing. In this blog, we will discuss how to write a book in LaTeX using Overleaf and whether LaTeX is suitable for book writing.

Is LaTeX Good for Book Writing?

LaTeX is a document preparation system widely used in academia for its precise control over document structure and fine typographic detail. It's not just good for book writing; it's fantastic for it. Why? The answer lies in its rich features. LaTeX allows authors to focus on the content rather than the formatting. It automatically takes care of chapter numbering, indexing, cross-referencing, and bibliography, reducing the load on authors and helping them maintain a smooth flow of writing. It's excellent for managing complex documents, such as those with mathematical equations and scientific notations.

The Agile Approach with Overleaf and LaTeX

Writing a book requires organization, and LaTeX delivers that, especially when combined with an online LaTeX editor like Overleaf. Overleaf provides real-time collaboration, version control, and, most importantly, a user-friendly interface to write in LaTeX. You don't need to worry about installing LaTeX on your computer or managing files across different devices, as Overleaf takes care of it all.

But how exactly can you write a book in LaTeX on Overleaf? Here's a simple solution. We have a free Overleaf book template that you can use. It's as simple as copy-pasting your text into this template.

Mastering LaTeX Book Writing with a Helpful Guide

With the free template in your hands, you can start your book writing journey right away. However, if you need a comprehensive guide that walks you through the entire process, we have a suggestion. "Even Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way in 2023" is an accompanying book that explains the book template in detail and assists you with managing your entire book project. You can find it here.

This book simplifies the process of writing with LaTeX and Overleaf, making it more manageable and less intimidating. It details every aspect of LaTeX book writing, starting from structuring your content to adding images and tables, managing your bibliography, and even troubleshooting common issues.

In short, LaTeX and Overleaf can provide a smooth and effective writing experience, especially when you are working on something as big and important as a book. With the book template and the guide, you are equipped to take on the task of writing and finishing your book.

Publishing Your Book on Amazon

After completing your book in LaTeX, the next step is to publish it. Amazon provides a straightforward and accessible platform for self-publishing. After preparing your manuscript, you can upload it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP accepts PDF files, which you can easily generate from your LaTeX document on Overleaf.

In conclusion, writing a book using Overleaf and LaTeX is a powerful, flexible, and efficient process. With the right tools, such as our free Overleaf book template and the detailed guide, "Even Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way in 2023", you can navigate the process with ease and proficiency.

Embark on your book writing journey today. Take that step. Write, publish, and let the world hear your voice!


  • Overleaf is an effective tool for writing books using LaTeX.
  • LaTeX is an excellent system for book writing because of its automatic handling of chapter numbering, indexing, cross-referencing, and bibliography.
  • Overleaf's online LaTeX editor simplifies the process of writing in LaTeX by providing real-time collaboration, version control, and a user-friendly interface.
  • A free Overleaf book template is available here which allows you to simply copy-paste your text.
  • The book "Even Better Books with LaTeX, the Agile Way in 2023" provides a detailed guide to writing with LaTeX and Overleaf and managing your book project. Available here.
  • After writing your book, you can publish it on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing.
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    June 9, 2023

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    LaTeX, a document processing system, creates a typeset finished product. The system works more like a compiler than a word processor. While initially complicated to learn, LaTeX allows better management of larger projects like theses or books by splitting the document into text, style, and references. Leslie Lamport created laTeX in the 1980s; his goal was to separate content from styling.


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