The Future

In 300 years, books and websites will be nonexistent things, relics of the distant past. Thus, the core of this enterprise is not to deliver books.

The core of the vision is to create a network of interested readers. Conflicts arise if two parties mean the same thing but use different words to express them. Thus, the network has to be held together by translating different languages and systems of definitions:

  • The first significant task of LODE Publishing is to solve the existing language conflicts between people, organizations and groups, in favor of an effective network of people who understand each other.

We live in reality that exists now as it will exist in 300 years. Basic philosophical concepts and scientific results that give us a deeper insight into the world are essential to understanding one’s own situation, origin, behavior, and goals and values:

  • The second task is to communicate philosophical and scientific concepts so that the individual has a foundation from which he can find his own values and goals.

The vision is to propagate “entities with a face,” i.e., value based entities. Since the beginning of civilization humans have been up against psychopathic entities. Those originate not from another reality or world; they are the systems of people: groups, tribes, organizations, states. The group dynamic within those systems of people is not comparable with the thoughts within a feeling, value-based human.

With technological progress, the relationship between the individual and the group has changed again and again. For example with the invention of the spear, the power of an individual was no longer dependent on brawn because now anyone could threaten anyone else from a distance. The same happened later with the invention of the flintlock rifle: No longer was it important who could support expensive industries to produce armor; only strategy and will power were relevant from that point forward.

In the atomic age we have once again arrived at a point where the power balance between the individual and the state is strongly in the hands of the state. What counts today are ideas, rhetoric, knowledge and psychology. An educated society is the best protection against the creation of or the abuse through psychopathic systems. The knowledge of values and the cautious application of technology in relation to their effect on the power balance are essential.

In the field of science, there will be phenomenal advancements in the next 300 years, especially in physics and biology. But this will not affect the basic assumptions about reality because science is based on philosophy. Expected breakthroughs will be in the fields of artificial intelligence (robots with “human” intelligence, consciousness, creativity, etc.). Here, the challenge is to create value-based technology in order to not have robots and computers as the new slaves. This is an issue because they are nihilistic, selfless entities that will sacrifice their existence for whoever controls them – the exact opposite of a politically mature, self-confident citizen. While before the ability to throw a spear was the determining factor of political might, tomorrow it will be the computer processing power to which a person, group or country has access.

  • The vision of LODE Publishing for the year 2300 is the creation of a value-based education for people (or “software” for artificial life-forms) in order for them not to become slaves to a central authority but to become self-conscious, thinking and acting individuals who care about their long-term goals and values.