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Let's have a trial session! With a skilled coach and the right training, you can sound more clearly while retaining what makes you unique.

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In the home office, the voice is all the more important. Body language, facial expressions and gestures take a back seat. In order to master the transition into the virtual world, we would like to support you. Our mission is to share our collective expertise with you to help you show your best side online! With trained vocal coach trainers with many years of experience, we can help you express yourself more clearly with our training. Through targeted exercises, you will be better understood in your next meeting. We will also help you to choose the right microphone for your area of application and within your budget and help you set it up.

Sample questions you might have about improving your vocal presentation:

- Which microphone is right for me?

- How can I train my voice?

- How can I train my breathing and pronunciation?

- How do I sit or stand correctly to sound good?

- How do I set the volume and position the microphone?

- What about room insulation and background noise?

- How do I test my voice?

- What software / hardware should I use to control the microphone?

The following approach has been successful to start a coaching program:

Step 1: Request

  • Send us a message or e-mail with your request for vocal coaching.
  • Tell us something about your goals or your current projects.
  • Ideally, attach or link to a sample of your voice (spoken or sung).
  • Add any detailed information about the request.

Step 2: Interview

  • We will contact you with a date for an initial meeting (text chat).
  • In the chat, we will clarify our process and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will set up an appointment for a video meeting to see if you are comfortable with the vocal coach.
  • In this non-binding, free trial session, we will find out which training suits you best.
  • We will also discuss possible dates for a series of coachings.
  • We will send you a summary with the detailed information.

Step 3: Trial Session

  • In the meeting, the coach will determine your current abilities, and ask you again about your goals with your voice.
  • In the free, non-binding trial session, we will answer your questions and suggest a program according to your needs in the three areas of voice training, presentation and conversation techniques, and make you an offer, depending on your needs.
  • If you do not have a goal yet, that is fine, too! We will then give you feedback and plan workin on a variety of aspects of your voice.

Step 4: Feedback

  • We will contact you with feedback about your voice and a possible plan to work on it.
  • We will send you the invoice for the first round of coachings (multiple of 5).

Additional notes:

  • Whether as a training block, weekly appointment, once a month or as required, we are available for you. Employed during the week due to work? No problem, we are also available on Saturdays!
  • Each training session is usually 30 or 60 minutes long. Depending on your needs, we can also offer e-mail support or longer units.
  • In each training unit, we answer your questions, do joint exercises, give you feedback or help you with the technique. We are also happy to take part in group meetings and then give you suggestions for improvement.
  • We also offer more affordable rates for groups or if the session can be used for advertising.
  • We are also happy to assist you with online presentations, moderation, or to lead the appointment.

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