Process Modeling

Through interviews, we visualize your existing work processes and optimize it for better throughput and less waste using lean and agile principles.

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Process Modeling


Process Visualization

Based on interviews, we create a visual diagram of your organization's, team's, or individual work process. This is essential for optimizing your work time and gain focus on the goal.

Process Optimization

Using the results of your processes, we use our decade-long experience to optimize your work-flow, both your individual daily routines as well as your team's or organization's processes.

To discuss processes and relationships within a company objectively, you need to visualize them. Only by pointing out the obvious, clear communication can be established. Only when everyone is aware of the processes, smooth operation is possible. In the first step, information is gathered. In the second step, we visualize the information. In the third step, we will make suggestions to simplify the process workflows using lean and agile principles. The idea is to reduce loops and waiting times by empowering a small group of people dealing with most issues of daily development. Let our project managers and editors help you to create a presentation of what makes your organization unique.

What parts of your company should be visualized?

  • The "true" organizational chart that shows who is actually talking with whom and what expertise they have.
  • The customer journey from the first call or visit to the sale (and possible future sales).
  • The user journey if your product involves handling your product (for example, a website).
  • The communication process that includes initial contact but also dealing with service requests.
  • The development process from the initial order to delivery for the customer.
  • Your personal daily work process to keep you healthy and attentive.

As a process, the following approach has been successful:

Step 1: Request

  • Send us a message or e-mail with your request for process modeling.
  • Explain your situation or your goals you want to reach.
  • If you already have documents, either list them or send us samples.
  • Add any detailed information about the request.

Step 2: Interview

  • We will contact you with a date for an initial meeting (text chat).
  • In preparation, please provide us with the entirety of your documentation an attachment or link.
  • In the chat, we will clarify our process and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will send you a summary of what the work will entail and how long we estimate we need for working on your processes.

Step 3: Iterations

  • We track changes to your manuscript during developmental editing, which you can accept or reject (please note that this might require conversion into a different document format).
  • Once the iteration is done, we deliver the edited text as specified.
  • What has worked with past clients was to go through the edited text together and discuss issues we have found.
  • You may have open tasks (rewriting, research, adding additional text, removing text, etc.).

Step 4: Iterations

Step 5: Delivery

  • We will deliver the final text as specified.
  • We offer an online meeting (at no charge) to answer any questions.

The hourly rate is 70 EUR/h. Depending on the text, we can edit around 3-5 pages per hour. Please note that additional hours are required when working together on the text or when an additional conversion of the text into a different document format is required.

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