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  • Principal tasks At LODE Publishing, we empower individuals to become leaders. We accomplish this by publishing the highest quality books on philosophy, science, and psychology. LODE Publishing publishes original works in German and English; translates American non-fiction books about philosophy into German; and in the future will also translate German books into English for publication worldwide.
  • History Clemens Lode Verlag e.K. (LODE Publishing) is a publisher located in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was founded in 2013 by Clemens Lode (legal information).
  • Contact Feel free to contact Clemens Lode directly via [email protected] or use our support page.


  • LODE Publishing consists of people with a long-term view on the world, philosophy, sciences, and especially our individual values.
  • We connect insights of as many fields as possible and categorize them in understandable concepts and structures.
  • We act as mediators between individuals and groups in order to further mutual understanding by translating books on leadership into different languages, incorporating views, thought structures, and cultures and introducing new concepts.
  • As a company we educate our team members to be representatives of our philosophy and live that philosophy as an example for others.



  • In the short-term, it is easy to solve problems with a club, i.e., force. But the challenges of the modern world are way too delicate to be solved with violence or ignorance. We have to look far into the future and pursue the best life possible. As an example for others, we show that this is possible. Besides pure inspiration, we see our main task in communicating an understanding of the world. Without that understanding, we will follow a group instead of living our life according to our own views.
  • Consciously, we also are engaged in dealing with obscure or conflicting subjects – always searching for that grain of truth, trying to improve weak points or examine possible sources of error in a certain view of the world. Philosophies like Objectivism provide us the required fundamentals with which we can categorize our knowledge of the world. Our goal is to provide clear answers to complex or seemingly impossible questions without relying on previous knowledge.
  • Philosophy today is in a critical state, yet it forms the foundation of our society. The corruption of philosophy manifests itself by having people forced into groups on the basis of superficial differences instead of taken as individuals (collectivism, e.g., racism or exclusive religions). In contrast, we want to strengthen the fundamentals – the philosophy, the sciences, and the individual values – of people. Instead of just putting our views above others, we try to combine positive aspects of many existing views of people in the world into a common teaching of a conflict-free reality.

Our philosophy also is the backbone of our company. We will never sacrifice our values in favor of getting a broader audience as this would lead us down a dark alley where we cannot correct our errors retroactively. The life of a human being, as well as the life of a company, are the highest forms of art and thus the best way possible to present our values to others.


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