Card Game PMPUNK

We now live in a time in which people joke that technology is outdated the moment it hits the market – and in some cases, this feels very true. [source]

The Scenario

In a not-too-distant future, global megacorps rule the world. To sustain their income streams, they employ strict hierarchical command and control structures. Yet, at the forefront of research and development, smaller and more agile companies are trying to use disruptive innovations to topple the existing order. To out-compete the megacorps of the future and their near-infinite funds, the newcomers aspire to beat them by speed, being the first to realize market opportunities.

In this cyberpunk-esque world, you, the player, decided to quit your job at one of the megacorps and follow your own path. It is your first day in the role of CEO in the offices of your new startup company. Time to develop your strategy!

Flow of the Game

Each turn, players make decisions to improve their company structure or expand their operations. Challenges include when to make which decision, how to balance investments, and how to counter the other players’ attempts to execute a hostile takeover. Event cards introduce changes in the state of the economy. To develop their companies, the players play cards to train their teams, upgrade their technology, and adapt the company culture to the market. Players hire employees and assign teams to new projects with the goal of releasing products on the market to earn profits. With profits, players can hire new employees and initiate more daring projects. Progress is represented by adding tokens to opportunity cards. When enough tokens are earned, a product can be released on the market. And each product released on the market, as well as special decision cards, can significantly change the rules about how employees work.

Because players with struggling companies can run secret projects to steal data, employees, opportunities, or even entire products from their competitors, protecting existing assets is one of the key components of the game.

Each play of the game is unique, as players can assemble their individual sets of cards and, throughout the game, events happen in various sequences. Various player strategies and interactions lead to different outcomes of the game.


Your task is to navigate through an ever-changing market and deliver value to your customers. It is your choice to either risk embracing new ways of working and delegate responsibility, or attempt to copy the megacorps’ strategy of hierarchical command and control.

  • Will you invest in a large management team and hire many employees for big projects or will you outwit your competition with a small but dedicated team?
  • Will you compete for high-stakes market opportunities or will you focus on a particular niche?
  • Will you move underground and focus your energy on breaking the security protections of other companies?
  • Will you spend resources on research and upgrades for a long-term strategy, or is your goal short-term wealth and flexibility?

At the end of the game, the player with the best products released on the market wins. While this primary goal is fixed for all players, you can control when the game ends by reaching one of several secondary goals. These include creating a worker’s utopia, becoming the technology leader, or building an impenetrable computer fortress. Other approaches are to bankrupt your competitors, push them toward bureaucratic collapse, headhunt for their employees, or outright steal their money and product designs.

Release Date

Summer 2022

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