Our Values

  • The goal of this company is to provide the customer value: an exchange of time (money) for something produced (e.g., ideas, principles, views in the form of a book or books), which the customer can transform into a greater value in his or her own environment.

Short- and mid-term profits remain a significant company value in order to exist and grow but are not the standard of value in all decisions – just as food is important and a prerequisite for life, but does not fulfill our lives. Hence, this principle has consequences on the sources from which we accept money and services.

  • At no point will the LODE Publishing accept government money or the money of political institutions.

We want to spread our ideas not with the help of money from forced taxation, but through leading by example. While we welcome the opportunity to work with private partners, to accept any outside help from political parties would distort the integrity of our work. We will not adapt our principles simply so that they fit more easily into an existing political context. There can be no compromise between ideas and their economical or political marketability.

  • At no point in time will LODE Publishing allow direct outside influence on the contents of our ideas.
  • Members of LODE Publishing are encouraged to learn the values of the company and present them to others.

Besides the origin of our resources, it is also relevant on which path these resources flow to our company. In the realm of marketing of ideas, there is the concept of multi-level-marketing. The problem with this concept (in terms of “selling” ideas) is that the product itself has to be adapted to fit the marketing strategy. Customers are offered a solution to their challenges that consists of offering a solution to other people’s challenges. This way, the content of this message tends to be empty, and it offers less to those who come last. Simply said, it is a pyramid scheme where the lower half pays for the upper half.

  • Multi-level-marketing, i.e. the promotion of an idea of selling the idea of selling this very idea, will not be used by LODE Publishing because it would put the distribution of the product above the product itself.