Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge (first edition):

  • page 5: Of course it was Frodo, not Bilbo, who went on a heroic journey to defeat Sauron. How could this happen? I wrote a small article about it here.
  • page 24: Missing quotation marks
  • page 51: Inconsistent naming of “Lu Buwei”

Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum (no errata yet)

Philosophy for Heroes: Act (in production)

Scrum Your Jira!: Your Waterfall Organization Transformed Into Agile Multidisciplinary Teams (first edition, Kindle):

  • Position 126 of 953: “While there a number of other differences…” I forgot the “are” -> While there are a number of other differences… ** Thanks Lukas! **

Kanban Remastered (no errata yet)

Better Books with LaTeX: replaced by the newer edition Better Books with LaTeX the Agile Way

Writing Better Books the Agile Way: replaced by the newer edition Better Books with LaTeX the Agile Way

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