Recommended additional reading (PfH2: Continuum)

For “Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum,” I relied on a number of authors for inspiration, ideas, and source material. Here is a selection of recommended additional reading, if you want to go beyond the introduction I gave in the book itself, here is my list for the first book. Enjoy!

  • Clemens Lode. Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2016. ISBN 978-39-4558-621-1, URL
  • Clemens Lode. Philosophy for Heroes: Continuum. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2017. ISBN 978-39-4558-622-8, URL
  • Clemens Lode. Philosophy for Heroes: Act. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2018. ISBN 978-39-4558-623-5, URL
  • Clemens Lode. Philosophy for Heroes: Epos. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2019. ISBN 978-39-4558-624-2, URL
  • Clemens Lode. Kanban Remastered: Agile Lessons from Strategy Games. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2017. ASIN B06ZZLF815, URL
  • Clemens Lode. Scrum Your Jira! Your Waterfall Organization Transformed Into Agile Multidisciplinary Teams. Clemens Lode Verlag e.K., 2017. ISBN 978-3945586655, URL
  •    Karen Armstrong. Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. Anchor, 2011. ISBN 978-0307742889. URL
  • Peter S. Beagle. The Last Unicorn. Roc Trade, 1991. ISBN 978-0451450524. URL
  • Peter S. Beagle. Das letzte Einhorn. Klett Cotta, 2012. ISBN 978-36-0893-920-0.
  • Theodore Dalrymple. Life at the Bottom: The worldview that makes the underclass. Ivan R. Dee, 1332 North Halsted Street Chicago 60622 U.S.A., 2001. ISBN 15-6663-505-5. URL


By Clemens Lode

Clemens Lode is a management consultant with focus on agile project management methods (check out He likes to summarize his insights into books, check out his philosophy series "Philosophy for Heroes" here: His core approach to philosophy and management is that people need to be more aware of their limits and ultimately their identity and their vulnerabilities.

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