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Kinetic Typography – Dune – The Sleeper Must Awaken

Kinetic Text Challenge
Multimedia Content Production 2011/2012
CC BY SA NC João Amaral

The quote (and the sound) is from the Dune, the 1984 movie by David
Lynch based on the novel by Frank Herbert.
Duke Leto Atreides leaves Caladan, his home, an ocean world for the
desert planet Arrakis also known as Dune and talks to his son Paul
Atreides about change and how this is a catalyst to become a better

I’ll miss the sea… but a person needsnew experiences… they jar
something deepinside, allowing him to grow. Withou tchange, something
sleeps inside us… andseldom awakens… The sleeper must awaken.

Created with:
– Adobe After Effects CS6
– Red Giant’s Psunami
– Trapcode’s Shine

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By Clemens Lode

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