What about the “less fortunate” people?

We have to teach them philosophy. Maybe not every human being on the planet is willing or able to learn, but people who are in positions of being able to make a change need to learn that they can affect and effect change. Others learn the values of their cultural leaders through imitation; not everyone learns by reading. Not everyone has to know the exact reasons for those principles and not everyone has to defend them in a philosophical debate. But some must defend those values, and I am writing for them. We need a few who can defend those ideas, and show others that a better life is possible.

People are taught to sacrifice themselves for their leader (most tyrannies in this world teach that to the people). We aspire to teach them that they form and follow their own values in life.

By Clemens Lode

Clemens Lode is a management consultant with focus on agile project management methods (check out https://www.lode-consulting.com). He likes to summarize his insights into books, check out his philosophy series "Philosophy for Heroes" here: https://www.philosophy-for-heroes.com. His core approach to philosophy and management is that people need to be more aware of their limits and ultimately their identity and their vulnerabilities.

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