January 2018

Do we really have free will?


Our will is between free and not free. We are as free as we know of the influences of the world. Our brain runs on a deterministic chemistry, but our consciousness is the result of a higher, recursive process. But by  “higher” I don’t mean  “mystical.” It is more like an emergent process, something that can only exist [...]

Who are the authors whose work most closely resembles your book series?


If I were to choose authors whose work relates to each of the book in the series, I would name Ayn Rand and Aristotle for the first book. Not only did each provide groundwork  for philosophy, but also Ayn Rand explained the real concept of the hero and leader. Concerning the second book, which is science and theory of the mind, [...]

How does your book series compare to popular books on motivation and leadership?


Some of the best-known books on leadership include:   Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) The Greatest Salesman in the World (Og Mandino) Awaken the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey) The 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene)   While each of these books and others like [...]

Interview With Clemens Lode


Q: “Hello Clemens, tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your story?”   A: “Life is about stories, mine revolved around wanting to know how the world works and even more so how people “work” and what their motivations are.”   Q: “ But you went into studying computer science in Karlsruhe for [...]

March 2017

What Do the Statues on the Cover of Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge represent?


That's Athena protecting an (unnamed) young hero. She is the (Greek) goddess of wisdom, craft, and war in ancient Greek mythology. "Athena is known for her calm temperament, as she moves slowly to anger. She is noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose. Athena is portrayed as an [...]