January 2018

Why should a human being, whose life expectancy is 80 years, focus on that?


It is not about selling books, it is about communicating ideas and it doesn’t matter with which medium it will be done. Also, businesses can live longer than that. People construct houses that stand longer than 80 years. They start out with the idea of one day either selling the house or leaving it to [...]

Aren’t leaders evil?


I discuss the philosophy of Nazism – its roots – in detail in the book. National socialism was about being a part of the people sacrificing for the whole. My philosophy – or the philosophy of one of my role models, Ayn Rand – is the opposite; it is against putting the values of others [...]

Do we really have free will?


Our will is between free and not free. We are as free as we know of the influences of the world. Our brain runs on a deterministic chemistry, but our consciousness is the result of a higher, recursive process. But by  “higher” I don’t mean  “mystical.” It is more like an emergent process, something that can only exist [...]