June 2017

Scrum and Jira: A Love-Hate Relationship

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This is an excerpt from Scrum Your Jira!  Get a copy from Amazon.com or Amazon.de. Steps to Bring Your Agile Project Back on Track The ideal way to use Scrum is to have the whole team sit in one room. Usually, the Scrum process is employed by using little stickers, and moving them around on a physical board. Jira [...]

February 2017

How to Transform Your Laptop or Tablet into a High-Speed Machine


When mobility is the most important factor Until now, the choice between laptops and tablets was a choice between mobility and speed. Today, cloud computing has changed everything. In this article, I will offer a quick how-to guide for transforming your existing mobile device into a powerful computer. What is cloud computing and how has [...]

January 2017

Website update!


With the completion of "Philosophy for Heroes" ( http://amzn.to/2gWt0so ), my attention now turns to the website. Last week, I have upgraded the website (Server, PHP, etc.) and you should see noticable faster loading times. More to come!