Author Coaching

“I want to write a book, but how do I begin?”

When you are ready to write your book, the first question is probably, “Where do I start?” Perhaps people have been telling you for years that you should write a book. Maybe you have an idea in mind and you are ready to turn it into a manuscript.

If you have a box full of notes or a head full of ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I have been there and made my dream reality—publishing my own book. My team can help you from beginning to finish, from concept to creation to publication. Having worked successfully through a number of books, we are ready to share our knowledge with you and help you along the way.

Let’s have a conversation about how to bring your idea into print or into an ebook! Message us at [email protected] or head over to our contact page!

Usually, the process goes through the following stages:

  • Clemens – I will discuss with you the feasibility of your book project, and what you can expect. It is good to have a clear idea of what you are getting into before starting! Depending on your budget, we can discuss a variety of plans. For me, book creation is always an add-on to a larger project. Be it to put your knowledge as a professional into a condensed form, or be it to work through your own experiences or questions about life. Commercial success from books can be had if you connect your book writing with your professional life.
  • Clemens + Conna – We will help you brainstorm your initial idea or focus your existing material into a TED talk type of text. The title and summarized TED talk will set the tone of the whole book.
  • Jessica – Next you will need a cover. Graphic artist Jessica will help you to create the perfect cover that will shine in print as well as a small icon in the Amazon store. The cover also sets the tone of the book, something always to refer back to while editing the text.
  • Conna – Author Coach Conna who will help you to connect ideas and turn your paragraphs into a whole story, be it fiction or non-fiction. Usually, this is the main body of the work. Ideally, you discuss work progress in a weekly meeting as opposed to just getting the final edited result.
  • Clemens – Finally, I wrap everything together, manage the project and get all the technical stuff ready for release. I also have an eye for details and can provide help for final polishing.
  • Ting – While finalizing the book, marketing should start. Every book needs a landing page to get your profile ready, Ting will set up a WordPress website for you.

Let’s have a conversation on how to bring your idea into print or into an ebook!

Message us at [email protected] or head over to our contact page!

PS: Of course, you can also help us writing new content! If there is expertise you are interested in either writing articles or in contributing to our book series on agile project management or philosophy, let us know!