A Message From The CEO

There are so many facets of launching a publishing company – from concept to design, research, marketing, quality assurance, handling the legal and international aspects of publications – that it is not easy to describe what I do. If I had to narrow it down to one word, though, it might surprise you: dreamer.

My dream is a better world, one in which a philosophy of the leader as a hero is embraced and celebrated. This dream is the foundation of LODE Publishing. Dreaming of a better world provides the inner fire that motivates and focuses what we do.

As we launch this enterprise, my dream of a better world, and how LODE Publishing will contribute to that world, is the ultimate standard upon which the company’s business decisions are based. I look beyond mundane obstacles to paint a picture of how the company might be in five, 10 or even 20 years. The idea of creating a company around a dream is to inject energy into researching, studying, and promoting morals, values and ideals of what it means to equate leadership with heroism.

As we move ahead, I look forward to sharing with you the milestones that we reach, and how we reach them.

With best regards,

Clemens Lode